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Bobzilla's Aeroworks 42% Extra 260 w/DA150.

Jetzilla brings out his new Kingtech T-ONE turbine jet with K120.

Cole Leseberg out for a 5am flight with his H9 Extra 300.

Bobzilla maidens his 2nd Jet, another Ripmax Xcalibur.

Bobzilla's and his 1st Jet, a JSM Ripmax Xcalibur.

Bobzilla and his 43% PAU Edge 540 w/DLE 170

Kevin and his new Aeroworks 42% Yak54.

Nigel's Kingcat sporting a custom paint job.

Bobzilla's brings out a totally rebuilt, recovered 46% Ultimate.

Richard presenting a rebuilt 33% Aeroworks Edge 540.

AC catching a snooze.

Bobzilla's 100cc EF 330sc.

Another maiden by Bobzilla.

Bobzilla's SEBART SU-29 w/DLE55.

Bobzilla's recovered 33% Yak54 w/DLE111.

Another Bobzilla Yak TOC 37.5% w/ DA150.

Ted showing off his new Four Star.

Bruce showing his nice flying Corsair.

A nice Cessna or Piper?? whatever!!

Bruce taking off his twin Cessna.

Bobzilla's Corby.


Earls nicely done warbird.

Bruce's fast Bobcat.

Gil's nicely done F9F.

Nice electric home built.

Water plane.

What goes up, must come down.

Bob Mahlin's new plane.

Jim and his Red Bull bipe.

Paul's turbine jet DV8R.

Rick working on his F86 ducted fan.

Rick and his newly finished P51.

A just finished D7 by Rick.

Rick and his 2 new kit built planes.

Ricks new sea plane.

Rod's electric Beast.

Ron being an alien.

Ron's new plane.

Earl's newest seaplane.

Steve's fast stick.

Ted and Ron show off a new plane.

Tom and his new Yak54.

What a mess.

A small group of warbirds at Eldorado.

What is this??

Gordon visits Eldorado and show us his
unique "Flying Dutchman" electric wing.

Paul Judice maidens his new 138" Decathlon.
Powered by DA100.

Rick and his awesome new kit built planes.

Bobzilla maiden #69 for 2016.

Somedays nothing goes right.

Bobzilla and his 40% Q.Q. 120. Powered by DA150.

AC smiling about his new flyer.

Mike R. maidens his new 26cc AMR trainer at Eldorado.

George brought out his very unique BirdsEyeView 6 motor plane.
Front 2 motors pivot to go to level flight.

AC helping get a problem solved at Eldorado.

Bobzilla and his 42% Aeroworks Yak 54, named CertI-fly-able. Powered by DA150.

Bruce bring out one of biplanes.

Bobzilla and his MX2 with Dle111.

Richard's new 33% WM Ultimate with 100cc.

Richard and Bob showing us their biplanes.

Jay maidens his giant scale Corsair with 3w100.
Video of one gear up landing.

Bobzilla shows off his new 35% S-12 Biplane, power by DA100.

Bobzilla maidens a new Inversa 33.

Bobzilla maidens his Finess pattern plane with YS140.

Another maiden by Bobzilla.

Jim and builder Rick with just finished Folker D7.

Bobzilla maidens a strange flying wing.

Ron with his electric T28.

Cole Leseberg out flying Bobzilla's 42% Yak and 43% Edge

Mike shows off his wonderfully flying pattern plane.

Bill's 50cc Pilot RC Edge540.

Bobzilla out flying Thanksgiving Day 2016 at Eldorado.
Plane is PAU 43% Edge 540 with DLE170.

Bob offers 11 year old Laura Derry to fly big Edge540.

Bruce brings out his red biplane.

Bobzilla and his new PAU 43% Edge 540, power by DLE170.

Bobzlla shows his Hanger Nine 35% Extra 300 with 3w120.

Jim Ranney and his new electric stick.

Bobzilla and his TOC 37.5% Yak 54, power by DA150.

Ron getting ready to fly his Apprentice.

Bruce maidens his 50cc WildHareRC Ultimate.

Bruce with a push-pull nitro plane.

Jim Marciniak shows his stick built 45% Jeep with dle 55.

Jeff show his new Extremeflight Extra 300 with twin 70cc.

Bobzilla brings out his 43% Yak54 with new DA150, new left wing, and wheel pants.

Al brings out his nicely done Airwolf chopper.

Bobzilla maidens his new 40% TOC Extra 260 with DA150.

Bobzilla maidens his two new planes, a 43% Raven with DA150
and his Aeroworks 100cc Edge 540 (3w100 powered).

Al brings out his custom heli to Eldorado.

I love these BEFORE and AFTER pics!!

Big boy toys, (l-r) Phil Draper 40% TOC Yak, Kim Quenette 3.1m Sukhoi w/da200 quad,
Logan Yeoman 42% Raven, Bobzilla's 42% Yak54, Logan Yeoman 3.1m Sukhoi w/Da170.

Logan Yeoman with his new 3.1m Sukhoi w/Da170.

Barry and his nitro powered Vortex.

Richard maidens his newly acquired 100cc MX2 with DLE 111.
Awesome looking and flying 37% EG Aircraft Gary Ward themed MX2.

Gary Dye brings out his Hanger 9 Corsair with G-62.

A very nice T33 Shooting Star.

Bobzilla's new Aeroworks 42% Yak with DA150L.

Phil brought out his new 150cc CA (composite arf)


Bobzilla maidens Ted's new Corvus Racer 540.

Poster designs by bobzilla

Bobzilla maidens his newly acquired 35% TOC Yak54 with 3w100.

Bobzilla maidens his new 35% Extra 300 with 3w120.

Dick's new Yak with Saito engine

Stan getting ready to maiden his new CircusCircus themed bipe.

Tony and his new P-38.

3 Amigos have fun flying Jim R. gas powered monocoupe.

Bobzilla maidens his new Gene Soucy 1.60.

Rick maidens his new MX2 (green) and Cap 580.

Bruce brings out a very nice B-25 Mitchell with twin O.S. 1.08's.

Lance 1st solo flight with his new PT19 with instructor Jim.

Gene brought out his properly named scratch built.

Bob B. brought out his expertly recovered 50cc Extra 330.

Sunday was a busy day at dry lake.
Sad news that Phil's Sukhoi crashed and also Bobzilla's extra.

Bobzilla maidens his new giant stik with DLE55.
Final build and covering by Rick Miller. Wing build by Lou Mango.

Jim Miller getting ready to fly his 100c Extra 300.

Jim Miller flies his 1/4 scale Stinson Reliant with DLE-35ra.

The Colorado River Aircraft Pilots Society (CRAPS)
visited and brought out some awesome planes.

AC showing off his new WACO. Dean did the honors of maidening.

Bobzilla showing off a CRAPS member's P-61
with twin O.S. 91's. Dean again did the maiden.

Not all planes survived the day.

Larry (dad) and son Logan maiden their new 43% Raven.

Jim M. with his Banana Hobby EDF F4.

There are 2 types of visitors to EVFlyers field 1) considerate flyers and
2) pigs who leave their trash (lunch)! Which one are you??

DATE: 1986, Marcus Edge (kneeling behind B-17)with his Westcraft B-17
and the rest of the gang out there at Eldorado dry lake.

Fred brings out his new 43% Edge540 to Eldorado Dry Lake with lovely wife Christina as his model.

Evflyer's having a little BBQ.

Brad pays us a visit with his electric P51.

Bob B. and Doug show off their 3-point landing skills.

Jim Miller finishes his Carden Extra 35%.
Powered by DA100.

Not much flying, but a whole lot of BS'ing!

Bobzilla's Yak54 gets a recover-redo thanks to Rick Miller and Krylon!

Big smile on Tony after a successful maiden on his new electric P38.

Stan maidens his acquired SebArt 29s w/DLE61.

Was a fun day at dry lake with the Giants coming out.
(R-L) Extra 300 35%, TOC Yak 54 40%, H9 Sukhoi 42%, MX2 37%

3D Flyer Logan at Eldorado Dry Lake.

Mike helps out Phil start his new 3.1m Sukhoi.

Rick maidens his Cessna 337 twin (Front/Rear engines)

Bobzilla maidens Al's new Stik and Dick's Seagull540.

Barry has a hit on his hands with a very nice flying Comet 88 with twin 4-strokes.

Jay brought out his new F8F Bearcat.
Technical problems prevented a flight, but engine Zenoah G62 ran great.

Fred maidens his H9 46% ultimate w/ZDZ 210.
He states the ZDZ is an "animal" and ultimate is great flyer/lander.

Tom maidens his new Aerobeez MSX-R 50cc w/cannister.

(Photos compliments of Eric Bowen)

(Photo compliments of Eric Bowen)

Some nice shots taken by Eric Bowen on 10/16 at dry lake.

We had our own REDBULL moment at dry lake.

Rick maidens his new Sebart SU-29s 50cc.

Today's crash Cap232 NIMH battery shorted.

Bobzilla hits maiden number 50 for the year
with a first flight of Dick's P-51 VooDoo.

Barry brings out his new Tuscano.

AC's new 50cc Extra 260.

(Ready to fly plane donated to AC by Rick Miller!!. thx Rick)

Fred Pereira and wife Christine had a photo shoot at Red Rock Canyon
with his new 46% TOC Ultimate. Here are a couple pics.
Click photo for larger view.

Lake Eldorado as of NOON, Sep 9. Expect the south end of lake
to dry out late 10th or early 11th.

Rick and his new Cap 232 w/o.s. 1.60.

Doug brings out his electric Rare Bear.

Bobzilla maidened his new Pilot RC
Edge 540 w/dle55.

Tony has nearly finished his "Big Foot" and has incorporated numerous of his own designs/mods into the plane.
Take a look in build thread here:

Richard and his customized Aerobeez MSX-R.

Jim brings out his new 100cc Pilot Extra.

Bobzilla maidens his new Gary Ward MX2 100cc.

Rick's new Ultimate!

Rick flies his new Spitfire.

Rick flys his new Yellowtail P-51.

Fred's and wife Christine, were at dry lake for
another photo shoot Thursday, with a Beast.

Stan maidens his new 122" Pilot Decathlon w/ DLE 61.

Lou brings out his new Aeroworks 50cc Edge 540.

Have a plane, engine or an R/C item you wish to list on EVFlyers classified?
Contact Bobzilla for details: -email-

Bruce (left) flys Ron's Ultimate bipe!

George brings his new B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber RC EDF Jet

Rick maidens his awesome recovered 100cc Sukhoi.

Bobzilla maidens a new UltraStick with DLE30.

Bruce and his new twin ducted fan jet.

Gil Terzo maidens his new F9F Panther electric ducted fan jet.

Larry and his detailed S5E biplane.

Doug brings out his Stenson Reliant.

Rick maidens his new 29% Wild Hare bipe.

Rick finished recovering/painting of 100cc Sukhoi.
Skull/flames are decal. Blue cowl paint matched to metallic monokote.

Mel brings out his Brown B-2 built with
foam board, packing tape.

Airship hits 4 buildings..scares the crap out of occupants!!

Bobzilla maidens Dick's new Diamante25.

Bobzilla maidens Bob M.'s new 30cc MSX-R with DLE-35r.

Jim brings out his awesome new P-40 Warhawk electric.

Jay shows off his fast new electric.

Bobzilla maidens Jim's new 40% Pilot Yak. DA150 powered.

Jim's new 35% Pilot Yak with DA-100.
Some custom graphics/paint added.

Larry's Saito driven P6e biplane.

Jim M. flys his new Christian Eagle bipe.

Jim D. brings out his new Aeroworks Extra 260 100cc with DA-100.

Jim and Stan inspect damage from a total battery (LIPO) failure!

Steve's super nice "Spidey" glider.

"Iron [censored]" P51 with engine sound mod.

"RC" with his very nice kit built Hog Bipe.

Jay Steiglelan showing off his plane.

Rick's big trainer got a mind of it's own and crashed itself.

Mark revisits our field and brings out a fast Corsair.

Bobzilla maidens Larry's new 1/4 scale cub with 20cc gas engine.

Bobzilla maidens Bob Mehling's new Aerobeez Slick 540 30cc.

Overcharging LIFEPO4 batteries can be hazardous to their health,
but LIFEPO4 don't exhibit the fire danger as do LIPO's!

Rick finishes and flies his rebuilt GP Super Stearman/26cc gas.

Ted shows off his sweet Saratoga!

Tim's latest blue foam creation, an electric trainer. Kinda took a dive and died on later flight.

VW Bob shows off Mel E. latest creation
from foam: A GeeBee Model D electric builti from scratch.

Bobzilla puts a (Lou crashed, Rick Miller fixed) Aerobeez MXS-R 50cc back in the air.

Denver busy breakin in his new Yak with Gas Saito.

Members of the C.R.A.P.S. R/C flying club, Ft. Mohave
paid us a visit and brought out some nice planes.

(below is RC's extended wingspan Bruce Tharpe FLYIN' KING w/twin Saito,
next is an electric twin Nitroplanes prop powered jet w/owner
and bottom pic is Dean the test pilot.)

Bobzilla maidens his 100cc Sukhoi with 3w100.

To Gorilla Glue or Not..that is the question!!
Click picture below to see test.

Bobzilla maidens Jim R.'s new ICON A5 electric.

Bob maidens 2 new planes for Bob Mehling,
a 50cc revolver and a 2m Spot On pattern plane.
Dick has a flame out on his plane and cracks it in half.

Fred (owner of 150"ws Pilot Columbia)
and wife Christine, were at dry lake for photo shoot Sunday.

Jim M.'s biplane lipo catches fire in flight, crashes plane

Extra 300 Patty Wagstaff has failure after takeoff.

Jim flew his tiny quad copter.

Very interesting comparison!

Lou has a whoopsie!!

Gene has a new scratch built "Big Ugly" ready to maiden.

Rebuild on crashed 46% Ultimate biplane complete.
Just awaiting engine/electronics install.

Engine is Kroma 180 w/32x10 prop.

Rick M. maidens his beautiful Aerobeez M12 bipe w/DA-50.

Busted gear and broke prop makes for a sad face on Bud.

The week is not starting out good.. another crash by Ron. Suspect bad switch.

Jim Ranney's new
Monocoupe with DLE-30.

Richards new
GP Pitts M12 w/G62.

Dick shows his new electric Pawnee!

Jet revisits the flying field to say hello.

Was not a good week for EVFlyers
at dry lake. Tom pancaked his Extra 330l, Gene drove
his Hotz straight in, and Tim did a nose dive.

Dry lake claims another big one,
Jim D. 46% TOC Ultimate with Kroma 180. Reason for crash TBD yet.
Rick Miller has started rebuild, Kroma 180cc survived without a scratch.

Bobzilla maidens Busse's new Sbach..left axle/wheel departed on take off,
but plane landed fine on one wheel.

Ted and Ron bring out their "Mr. Pumpkin" Stik powered by O.S. 1.08.

Jim M. gets his big Zero ready for flight. All did not go well as seen in 2nd photo. Aircraft rolled right and did not recover.

Lou ready to maiden his new Aeroworks Extra 300 50cc with DLE-55.

Stan, Lou and Jill, on a retrieval mission.

A nice "Fly Baby" makes an appearance at dry lake.

Rick M. finishes the "Big Stik" with 3w80 twin.

I had a Lipo battery catch on fire in my garage. Luckily I was standing two feet from it and had a Kidde Dry Chemical fire extinguisher nearby when it caught fire. Two cells burnt in a Turnigy Lightmax 3 cell 2200mAh 20c Lipo. It was in a Lipo Guard bag with three other similar batteries. As you can see from the photo, the fire burnt a large hole in the Lipo Guard bag and damaged the other three batteries. The batteries were not connected to a charger at the time, but had just been disconnected from the charger a few minutes before. I had trouble fully charging the burnt battery and had decided to dispose of it.

Jim R.

bobzilla's comments: I think an ammo can, a metal pan with lid or an
old crockpot w/lid offers more fire protection then these "lipo bags"!!

Lou's new 100cc Aeroworks Yak is sure sweet.
Click picture for additional pics.

Stan brings out his new Aeroworks Yak 55m.
Click picture for additional pics.

Oh look..I can reverse ailerons servos also!!

New flyer, Greg, takes to the sky with his NexStar.

Rick, a visiting flyer from Texas, show off his Uproar.

Rick shows is RC Guys AgWagon with Zenoah 45.

Why don't you push the sled and I'll whip you with the stick?

Bobzilla blessing the flying field before float fly!!

Tony's attempts to launch off water unsuccessful.

Gear failure on Jim's ME-109 Electric.

Dan shows off his new PeakModels Extra

Boulder City police gives us a courtesy visit!

Jim brings out new 50cc Pilot Yak. 1st flight awesome. 2nd NOT so awesome!

Bob maidens his new Aerobeez MXS-R w/DLE-55.

Wake us up when it's time to eat or poop!!

Large new runway rolled at dry lake, 200yards North of pin board.
(click picture to get a larger view)

JoeAirPort at FlyingGiants has shared his diagram to show how
to create a throttle curve manually to soften the lower/middle throttle settings.
(click diagram to get larger view)

Checklist for flyers
Checklist for flyers: Items to check at home at field and after flight.

Balance and Alignment Is the longitudinal center[more...]

Why digital servo over analog
Why do my digital servos sing or chatter? [more...]

New Quicklinks.

Rick's little bipe..came and gone!!

Dan, our local QUAD expert!

Lou maidens his new 50cc Aerobeez MSX-R.

Busy day on flight line.
Click picture for larger view.

Preview of upcoming Boulder City bypass.
Click picture for larger view.

Jim's 100cc Yak crash.

Rick and his Sopwith Camel biplane.

New electrics for both Jim and Dick.

New pilot Stan w/1st plane.

Tony's new P-38 Twin Blue Foamie!

Rick rebuilds and flys the Zero w/Zenoah 45.

Richard's Cap232 w/Zenoah G62.

Mel builds a foam twin (Synap II)

Incidentally, if you have ever wondered why digital servos "sing"
when very light force loads are placed on them, what you are hearing is the
short high frequency voltage pulses acting on the motor.

The result is a servo that has a much smaller deadband, faster response,
quicker and smoother acceleration, and better holding power.
You can test this very easily by plugging in a digital servo and an analog servo to your receiver.
Try to turn the servo wheel off center on the analog RC servo.

Bobzilla's 100cc Sukhoi and Yak

Rick maidens his new Super Stearman!

Rick's new Aerobeez MSX-R DA-50.

Gene's new goose, no swan, no I mean SWOOSE!!

Jet, we love you even if you are a cross dresser!


Bob's BME Extra330 w/dle 55
sporting new graphics.

Ric brings out his armada.

Even the hot weather can't keep the few dedicated flyers away!

Jim a new flyer to the field with
his nice Extra300 100cc.

Earl and his PBY electric.

Stephen, a visiting Marine from Calif and an
IMAC pilot visits our field and flys bobzilla's Yak.

Lou maidens his new Aeroworks Yak 55m 50cc.

Dick's new electric TaylorCraft.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rick's finished 33% SpaceWalker

Bobzilla's fast SIG Kobra with .32 on pipe.

Bobzilla maidens Ric's new planes.

Steve builds a new stick.

Dick shows his new Excite 90 with .70/4-stroke.



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